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Nagel & Hermann Rhinestone Machines | If Fashion Should Gleam

N&H Vakufix Manual Rhinestone Machine

Nagel & Hermann

Welcome to the home page for the N&H Rhinestone Machines in the USA! The Austrian-based Nagel & Hermann Company has been developing and building Hot Fix Machinery since the early 1980s - and continue to build the most reliable setting machinery available in the world market today.

Rhinestone & Rhinestud Design

Elegance & Flair

Design hot fix elements to adhere to virtually any textile or substrate - such as fabric, glassware, ceramics, plastic, and more! By using different color stones, stone types and elements, there are unlimited creative opportunities available.

N&H Endless Libero C Rhinestone Machine

Labor Free

The Endless Libero C is manufactured for high production with maximum efficiency - decreasing the need for manual labor, which, in turn, decreases the time & money needed to run the equipment. The Libero C machine will lay down various stone sizes, colors, and types for your design continuously.

N&H Semi Automatic Rhinestone Machine

Unlimited Options

Decorating & embellishing specialty fabrics for various applications is easy with the N&H Semi Automatic Posmatic Machine. This machine automatically places various types of elements exactly where you choose.

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The World Leader in Hot Fix Machines

Simpler than ever

Endless Possibilities.

Nagel & Hermann is the only manufacturer in the world to build a labor free hot fix machine. The Endless Libero C does not require an operator to load material after producing each design. Just set it and forget it…

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Built to Last.

Starting in 1983, N&H has since become the preferred rhinestone machine manufacturer of the industry worldwide. Each machine is engineered, produced & built at the headquarter’s facility in Lustenau, Austria.

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Websites made easy

Creativity and beyond.

Customize designs and embellishments with rhinestones, rhinestuds, nail heads, half pearls, and more. The Libero series machines will accommodate sizes from 2 mm up to 8 mm – no other machine can compare.

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Built to impress

Dress to impress.

Bling elements can be applied on almost all textiles – from clothing designs to upholstery. But, N&H has taken the process further to embellish substrates (ie: glass) automatically and has the only machine in the world to do so.

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